Performances via VOD

We perform for you via the VOD platform.
Our VOD stage presents to you screenings of a selection of our repertoire!

Our mission is to bring audiences and artists together, even during times we cannot meet in person. We want to be open and accessible, and so we have created our unique VOD platform which allows audiences to visit our theater and see our shows without leaving the comfort and safety of home.


Family tickets (25 zł) valid for 72 hours, including
• films of performances
• backstage “making of” footage
• educational workshops for each performance
• emotions, excitement and great adventures for all the family!



That’s easy.
See the VOD instructions!

We are online

We exist to bring artists and audiences together even when we cannot meet at our Theater – this is why we are online for you all, via our special VOD platform!

We know nothing can match the wonders of actually going out to the theater, but even now we want to keep in touch with our audiences – children, guardians and pedagogues. Especially when the pandemic is challenging us in all sorts of serious ways.

We still want to remain active in the cultural lives of child audiences, moving, inspiring and educating them.

We have prepared for them all sorts of online attractions, including VOD performances, educational workshops and encounters. All online activities arise out of our deeply held belief that theater, even the virtual sort, is essential to us all.

Come to our VOD Stage, social media accounts and specially dedicated places of virtual encounters.

Before now, you came to visit Guliwer – now, Guliwer is going to journey to visit you…

Audio Plays

Audio plays are a unique format which is called the “Theater of the Imagination”.

Through our audio plays, we invite audiences to read children’s literature, learn more about creativity for children and also family radio plays.

WIECZORYNKI / readings

Wieczorynki is a series of evening encounters with children’s literature In this series of video recordings, we see actors reading…
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OUR YOURSAW radio play series

Nasza Warwasza is a series of unique radio plays recorded at home by the actor Tomasz Kowl and his children.…
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Projects include various online events as specially filmed video clips.

Our online activities include video series which allow audiences to get to know our Theater and those based there, including puppeteering skills.

Our projects include online family programs, documentary films, funny video postcards and a sequence of visual arts workshops.

RÓŻANA STREET / family program

Różana Street is an online family program where the mysterious residents of our theater have a lot of lighthearted fun…
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WOW THEATER ! / series of documentary clips

Ale Teatr! is a series of documentary clips directed by Joanna Zdrada, allowing us to use ZOOM cameras to visit…
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ARTY ADVENTURES / workshop series

Arty Adventures is our own series of art workshops, which transport us to a land of the imagination with paper…
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ENCOUNTERS IN TRANSIT / educational video series

Encounters in Transit is a series of virtual meetings with our Theater team, revealing more about the secrets of our…
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Workshops LIVE

Workshops is a LIVE educational project hosted by us via ZOOM

Our workshops series includes “Mammals, birds, dramatic affairs”, a triptych of interactive live workshops involving puppeteering skills. These workshops transport us to natural environments in order to use theatrical languages to explore the behaviors of wild animals.

Our entertaining, animal themed workshops involving puppetry skills activate the imagination along with our hands, legs and vocal chords. Through the language of theater, movement and play, our workshop participants will explore nature through three themes: VOICE, BODY & RHYTHM.

All workshops come with a manual / guidebook (in electronic formats) with helpful hints covering creative activities which can help us explore workshop themes and our creative explorations of our natural world!

What do animals have in common with theater? Does the natural world hide its own creative talents?

Individual workshop elements described below.

BODY / “Mammals, birds, dramatic affairs”

We all have bodies – be you a person or a bee. Even if instead of legs you have maybelegs!…
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RHYTHM / “Mammals, birds, dramatic affairs”

Rhythm is all around us, with us each day, in school, at home, in the theater. Our hearts beat rhythmically,…
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