RÓŻANA STREET / family program

RÓŻANA STREET / family program


Różana Street is an online family program where the mysterious residents of our theater have a lot of lighthearted fun revealing theatrical secrets to our audiences.

Based at Różana Street, the home of Guliwer Puppet Theater hides many mysterious nooks and crannies, where stage ghosts sneak about, at times disturbing the peace of those who live in our Theater. Musical Mouse, the Night Stage Manager or the Dresser from the Cracked Mirror are only some of the mysterious characters which we might chance upon in the corridors of our theater.

The Różana Street formula makes reference to popular kids’ educational TV shows from years back. In many fun and funny ways, our show will let children learn more about the world of theatrical experience, helping develop their cultural competencies and socially engaged attitudes.

Różana Street consists of 5 episodes involving all the actors from our theater, as well as special guests invited to work with us (director, composer, dramaturge). The show scripts are based on our performance programming and encourage young audiences to express themselves through the arts. We aim to attract different audiences – preschoolers, early schoolers and individual viewers, including those who are not fully-able.

The show can be viewed via our YouTube channel.

Różana Street is a virtual extension of our programming vision titled “Combining art with education!” and has been developed via the Online Culture project, financed by the MKIDN.