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Theater Through Gulliver’s Eyes

Theater lessons from the series “Theater Through Gulliver’s Eyes” are educational etudes conducted by actors of the Guliwer Theater. They…
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Theatrical Knowledge Course

This course is an individual educational path we have created based on performances and theater-related activities on both stages in…
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Theatrical education – creating the necessary conditions for creative encounters and explorations beyond the world of theater.
Theatrical education – opens us up, inspires us, invites us to take on new challenges and engage in creative play and reflection on current social events and the reality surrounding us all.
Our program of activities creates a comfortable and democratic space in which everyone can express their opinions, and enjoy the shared experience of meeting and learning empathy to develop the creativity of all those involved.
Join us in enjoying a shared dialogue to develop relations between Theater and Audiences.
Through activities in the field of theater education initiated at the Theater, we want to build a platform for cooperation between the Theater and the Spectator. This has real impact on the ever-changing worlds of Theater, Theater people, shaping our values and needs.
Experiencing together the use of theatrical languages serves to activate the potential to get to know oneself, others and the world all around us.
Together with artists / artists, theater educators and educators, we create projects aimed at expanding the field for creative expression and all that our Theater can offer a wide range of audiences.
We want our activities to flow from the idea of theatrical pedagogy, the key assumption being the involvement of stakeholders in creative processes and strengthening the sense of agency by using creative tools.
Welcome! Join us in exploring and enjoying Theater together!


Our online education offer includes live educational workshops, meetings at the Liliput Studio and various video series, including: art workshops, educational family programs and meetings on theatrical topics.

Live workshops are a new formula based on direct contact, interactive and creative action.
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As part of our online projects series, we welcome everyone to attend art workshops, educational family programs and meetings on the subject of puppetry techniques.
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