For groups

Your Visit

You can arrange a visit to our theater:

  • in person
  • by phone
  • online


We will plan your visit together so that the shows and educational events fit the age group and needs of those visiting. We offer help in choosing the repertoire and individual help as well as practical assistance.

The cost of taking part in Theatrical Lessons which happen before shows start on the Large Stage and events which accompany the shows on the Liliput Stage is included in the price of your tickets.


Anna Miller

Audience Organization Office

Monday – Friday opening hours: 9.00-16.00

mobile: 882-561-678





  • Our Theater is accessible to those with mobility issues, including young visitors with assistants
  • Our Theater has a staircase platform for wheelchair users
  • Our Theater has an on-site cafe called Teatr Fika and a bookstore run by TASHKA Press.
  • Our Theater’s Large Stage is equipped with an induction loop for audiences with hearing impairments.
  • Our Theater’s Large Stage and the Liliput Stage are air-conditioned.


Traveling advice

METRO Racławicka
Trams: 4, 10, 14, 18, 35 /Morskie Oko stop/
Buses: 130, 138, 222 /Dworkowa stop/



Parking spaces are available close to the Theater in the Unguarded Paid Parking Zone (free-of-charge at weekends). Coaches and buses can park right next door to the theater.


Group tickets

for groups from educational establishments

for shows Mondays to Fridays

30 zł/child
Tickets for guardians

Groups of 10 children include 1 guardian, unless other special arrangements are made

2 zł
Ticket without limits

available to those declaring disabilities

20 zł
Tickets for

Mammals, Birds, Dramatic Affairs

20 zł/child

Please pay for tickets once you arrive at our Theater


Theater Course

This course is an individual educational route made up of our program of shows and additional activities on both our stages. Taking part in the course does not require additional payment (educational activities are included in ticket prices). Our course offer includes:


6 theater visits

We plan your visits together to meet the needs and ages of individuals and groups attending. Our Educational Course includes lessons titled “Theater through Guiliwer’s Eyes”, while the Liliput Stage offers a range of special events in addition to performances.

Educational materials

All young visitors attending the Course receive educational materials which expand their knowledge of theater and increase their creative potential.

Stage finale

This takes place as a special event during the sixth visit to our theater.

Those attending receive Prizes and Medals for Loyal Audiences, Meetings with Guliwer, Diplomas for Tutors, Completion Diplomas for groups/school classes.

Who is it for?

Children of pre-school and school age.

How to take part?

To join in with one of our Educational Courses please contact the Audience Organization Office: tel. 22/845-16-76/77

Dates will be arranged in person, by phone or email.

Taking part in the Courses requires no additional payment.


Theatrical education – creating the conditions for creative encounters and explorations which reach beyond Theater.

Theatrical education – opens our minds, inspiring and inviting us to meet new challenges, creative play and reflection on themes of contemporary importance to us and our surroundings.

Our aim is to create a comfortable and democratic space where everyone is welcome to speak, where shared experience of collaborative work teaches empathy and develops the creative capacities of all those involved.

All are invited to dialogue and discussion to help enhance the bond between Theater and Audiences.

Our activities aim to create a platform through theatrical education for a Theater – Audience relationship. This will have a real impact on constantly evolving theater, the people of theater and values and needs.

Sharing experiences through using theatrical languages allowa the mobilization of potential for self discovery, as well as discovering the world around us.

Together with artists, pedagogues and educators we create projects which aim to expand the platform for creative expression and access to our Theater’s offerings.

We wish for our activities to impact on theatrical pedagogy, its key assumption being the inclusion of audiences in the creative process and strengthening the sense of agency through use of creative tools.

We invite you to share the experience of theater with us.

Supporting Programme for Schools

„Warszawa w klasie, klasa z Warszawą”/ Supporting Programme for Schools is part of the #WarszawaDlaUcznia programme introduced by the President of Warsaw, allowing 50zl per annum for all local students to access various forms of cultural programming.

Guliwer Puppet Theater is a partner organization in #WarszawaDlaUcznia program. We issue VAT invoices for all our shows with 14 day payment terms.

It is enough to book tickets for shows and attend with a school class or else access our online repertoire.

About the Project

Online Programs


Watch us in your school or kindergarten!

For pre-school and school groups we have prepared a special program of online performances, making contact with culture possible at a distance. Our online repertoire is a brilliant chance to see our films of a selection of our plays and performances.


What makes this programming unique?
Each online event comes with a range of dedicated materials which support the audience’s enjoyment and development:

workshops for children prepared uniquely for each show

“making of” clips which reveal backstage activities

dedicated educational materials for each and every show






Let’s meet via ZOOM and discover the natural world using theatrical languages!

Pre-school groups are invited to take part in live shows titled Mammals, Birds, Dramatic Affairs which are accessible online. Each pre-school age group then connects from home or school with actors using the ZOOM platform. Workshops are created for one group at a time – this sort of show means true exclusivity!


Mammals, Birds, Dramatic Affairs – MORE DETAILS