The Unusual Worlds of Baron Münchhausen

Author: Mykola Mishyn

Stage Liliput Stage 50 min. Premiere: 27.11.2022 From age of 7

The Unusual Worlds of Baron Münchhausen


There are clothes in the wardrobe, there are scarves and coats there, sometimes there are also various fears, but this time the amazing Baron Münchhausen comes out of the wardrobe! The surprise of Marusia, the main protagonist of the performance, is great. After all, she did not expect to find there a famous traveller who takes her on a series of fantastic journeys. The story of a deer with a cherry tree growing in its antlers is intertwined with the story of a ship swallowed by a fish the size of St. Mary’s Church. It turns out that if one does not lose hope and activate their imagination, the most incredible things are possible. In Mykola Mishyn’s play, Marusia’s colourful adventures become an allegory of adolescence. Traveling on duck wings, throwing axes at the moon and all the extraordinary events allow her to get to know herself better and go beyond her own limits.

“The Unusual Worlds of Baron Münchhausen” is a performance in Ukrainian for children from the age of 7. The form of the performance is a combination of a live set with a puppet theatre.

Directed, script: Mykola Mishyn
Stage design: Mila Gogenko
Starring: Natalia Molodchenko, Snizhana Gukasian-Korobeinikova, Mariia Senko, Khrystyna Velychko