The Stowaway Dream

Author: Grzegorz Uzdański

Stage Main Stage 60 min. Premiere: 14.01.2023 From age of 6

The Stowaway Dream


No ticket? No ticket means no access to the night section. ‘No’ means ‘no’ – a dark voice crushes the air like a thunder. It is the Guardian of Annie’s Dreamland. But what if some evil man steals the ticket and thereby deprives the girl of this tiniest, yet perhaps most important dream? The dream she needs tonight? ‘The Stowaway Dream’ by Grzegorz Uzdański is                         a vivid story about colourful dreams, little sorrows and slightly larger fears that live within each and every one of us.

By mistake, the title dream gets into the day section, i.e. the land of thoughts, memories and feelings of the main heroine, where it sets off on a journey in search of the stolen ticket. During this trip, it makes the acquaintance of a lively girl and an eagle, which is not quite sure if it’s worthy of being the state emblem or not. Who are the mysterious characters living in the heroine’s head and will the dream get its lost ticket back?

Let’s find it out together!

Text: Grzegorz Uzdański
Directed by: Robert Drobniuch
Set design: Katarzyna Proniewska-Mazurek
Music: Piotr Kurek
Multimedia: Magdalena Łazarczyk and Łukasz Sosiński
Stage movement: Błażej Twarowski
Light design: Prot Jarnuszkiewicz
Cast: Katarzyna Brzozowska, Izabella Kurażyńska, Ewa Scholl, Georgi Angielov, Paweł Jaroszewicz, Damian Kamiński, Adam Wnuczko, Wanda Konisevich (guest star)
Stage Manager: Małgorzata Grabara
The performance features the song ‘Sen’ (‘Dream’) by the Jerz Igor band.