The Lame Duck and the Blind Hen

Author: wg Ulricha Huba

Stage Liliput Stage 60 min. Premiere: 09.06.2024 From age of 5

The Lame Duck and the Blind Hen


What will come out of a meeting of a limping duck and a hen that cannot see? Two characters, completely different from each other: an introverted duck and an extremely sociable hen, embark on a journey together to pursue their dreams. Despite the adversities, they make their way through the scenery of idyllic landscapes and places taken straight out of the pages of a book.

They have a long way to go, although not necessarily in terms of kilometres. How do you get to the place where all dreams come true? Is it worth trusting your intuition and moving forward? The question is whether such a plan will fit into the orderly world of a duck?

The characters created by Ulrich Hub, author of the book original, try to reach a mysterious place while also overcoming the distance between each other. Will the ideas about the world brought over from previously read books be helpful? Is it better to let your imagination run wild and let the adventure take you? Ultimately, the answer may be within a beak’s reach.

Translation: Eliza Pieciul-Karmińska
Director: Anna Przygoda and Tomasz Kowol
Adaptation: Mariusz Gołosz
Stage set, costumes and puppets: Aleksandra Starzyńska
Choreographic consultation: Błażej Twarowski
Music: Tomasz Kowol
Multimedia: Amadeusz Nosal
Lighting director: Damian Pawella

Performers: Anna Przygoda, Tomasz Kowol

Stage managers: Anna Przygoda, Tomasz Kowol