Journey Upon Fourteen Paws

Author: Marta Guśniowska

Stage Main Stage 100 min. + intermission Premiere: 11.06.2016 From age of 5

Na zdjęciu widoczne jest drewniane okno. Z okna wyglądają aktorzy, którzy animują lalki.

Journey Upon Fourteen Paws


This show is a comical road story about a search for a safe home which is free from prejudice, a place where honest, intergenerational friendship is possible. Hen, Vixen and her son Fluffy set off in search of a place where all of them can be happy. Their joint venture becomes a test of loyalty and trust, but this story shows that true friendship always wins. This play reminds us all that what matters most in life is to be yourself and always keep close to our friends – those who we shall march through life along with, in order to discover happy places in the world.

For ages of 5 and upwards

Reżyseria: Marián Pecko
Scenografia: Eva Farkašová
Muzyka: Robert Mankovecký

Występują: Izabella Kurażyńska, Elżbieta Pejko, Anna Przygoda, Georgi Angiełow, Krzysztof Prygiel, Adam Wnuczko