All in the head

All in the head


I often don’t know how to behave towards Others, even though I feel Different myself and am afraid of rejection. I lack the words to name the feelings formed in my head.
Do you know that feeling? Have you experienced it? (Through your own observation)

So why don’t we try to discover the tools to name the emotions within us. We will be supported by Four Very Different People, who meet on stage by chance. They see the world differently because they come from different places, speak different languages and use different senses.

Let’s ask ourselves: how does a person who cannot see with their eyes look at the world? What does a person who speaks a foreign language think and hear? But most of all – how is it that whatever our differences, we feel similar – we have similar fears and joys.

Because we are all so different, we can try to see the world from various perspectives and finally see ourselves – a small speck in a big ecosystem.

During the performance, the artists and creators use binaural technology to allow the participants to become part of the events. There will also be a Head on stage to help us enter the world of imagination. A Head that is silent but makes sounds. It is called the Wordless Narrator.  The Head remembers all places, even those it has never been to, and can therefore dream about them. Like a vehicle, it will take us on a bizarre journey.

The show, from the start to the day of the premiere, is created together with blind and partially sighted people – as consultants, experts and co-creators at the same time. The script for the performance is based on the collected personal stories of the workshop participants and the work carried out with the actresses and actors during rehearsals. “All in the Head” is a performance for everyone from the age of 10.

The performance, created with visually impaired people, is designed with the blind and visually impaired in mind. Sighted people will be able to find out how blind people experience the world

Colours have smells and tastes. Everything has a smell and a taste. Everything is something else. Everything is compared to something else. Blind people have really strange associations.

The sun is a soft, hot ball on a string that flies upwards and in it is enclosed a female sorceress who sings a sharp aaaaaa.

(Nicola – workshop participant)

Performance implemented within the framework of the Równi.Różni.doc project financed from PFRON funds.

Partnership and substantive support: Polish Association of the Blind, the School and Educational Centre for Blind Children named after Róża Czacka of Laski (year 6) run by the Society for the Care of the Blind