How War Changed Rondo. Forget-me-not

Rose comes to the Town of Flowers and wants to be accepted by other plants. She meets Hollyhock and Blue-sow-thistle, who become her guides and tell her the town’s story. Rondo used to be an ideal place – flowers played concerts in the orangery and lived in perfect harmony with people –  until the war came and took the sun away. When darkness falls, the inhabitants, including the main characters: Danko, Fabian and Star, try to restore the city to what it was before the war. The attempt to recollect the town and their own experiences of particular places help them build a machine thanks to which they can regain Rondo.

The play is inspired by the book How War Changed Rondo, in which artists opposed the Russian aggression in Crimea. This work by Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv, artists from Ukraine, received many awards, for example, at the prestigious  Bologna Ragazzi Award 2015 competition.

The play will be staged for the first time as part of the 12th Little Warsaw Autumn Festival of Contemporary Music for Children and the 65th Warsaw Autumn Festival of Contemporary music.

Partner: Society of Authors ZAiKS The event is co-financed by the Cultural Institutions Fund of the capital city of Warsaw and the Culture Promotion Fund of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

The project is carried out as part of the artist residencies programme for Belarusian and Ukrainian artists, organised by the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute.


There was once a merchant, he had a wife, and they also had a daughter named Vasylyna. Her mother died suddenly, and her stepmother came to the house with her bad lazy daughters. Fortunately, dying, her mother left a doll for Vasylyna, which can not be shown to anyone. The doll is a symbolic mother’s blessing. When Vasylyna took her in her arms, her mother came to her aid immediately: through prayer, through the heavenly patrons of angels. So, thanks to deep faith, the girl overcame all the troubles that Stepmother and Baba Yaga brought her.

The performance is filled with everyday objects, they are really mystical and imbued with the spirit of Eternity. The dolls-characters are made in the Ukrainian style “Motanka”, as well as according to the ancient Hutsul methods. Charms are made of fragrant hay, reeds, wildflowers.

Duration: 45 minutes
Performance in Ukrainian 


Briefly about the theater:

On April 1, 1980, the Ternopil Regional Puppet Theater was founded.

On May 19, 2006, by order of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine, the theater acquired the status of “Academic” for a significant contribution to the development of theatrical art, revival of national traditions, high artistic skill.



This performance by Marta Stańczyk – an author associated with Teatr 21 diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum – is based on stories created during the first wave of the recent pandemic. This is therefore the first show in the history of Teatr Guliwer created on the basis of a text written by a neurodiverse person. It consists of several simple stories without metaphors, hidden layers or psychological character descriptions. The text comes with illustrations which show the female protagonists’ adventures. These source materials inspired the show creators to look at the world experienced by different creatures as separate kingdoms. The narrative is an excuse to carefully observe our planet, in order to recognize the diverse needs and natures of its occupants.

This show features active participation by  Marta Stańczyk, who becomes Eustachia – the queen of Planet Venus.


Eustachia – the Queen of Venus has for a long time liked to observe the Earth and its inhabitants. She was thrilled to see so many creatures living here, each one with a space of their own. Now the Queen is observing two nuns called Bernadette and Klementyna. One day, they close their door with a key and set off on an adventure on a hot air balloon. Riding along with them is a wise sheep called Kostka. They rise above the clouds and feel as happy as birds. As they land in a park, they notice a famous peacock called Walerian who watches over people’s dreams, a creature who will reappear many times in their future. They then board a deep sea submarine and lower themselves down to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. There, they dance with fish, while Kostka the sheep meets Cyryl the octopus. They fall in love and combine their worlds into a single kingdom. The two nuns want to constantly keep moving and have lots of adventures. Even when at home, they study the cosmos via a telescope. This is how they come across Eustachia – the Queen of Venus, and become friends with her.

This performance includes the facility of moving to a relaxation room in order to restore calm and emotional balance.

Oh, how wonderful Panama is

What more could you want once you have everything the heart can desire? When you live in a valley with a river, in a cosy cottage with a chimney and a friend? When you are strong? And have no need to fear anything… Yet, what if your soul suddenly desires something you’ve never seen in real life before? Such as a place which smells of bananas?

Oh, how wonderful Panama is – a show based on a book by Janosch, its central characters Miś and Tygrysek setting off in search of a new home. Inspired by the word PANAMA written on the side of a crate fished out of a river, these two friends set off to find happiness. Will Panama turn out to be a place which smells of bananas? Or maybe it is just wherever we happen to feel good and safe?

“Oh, how wonderful Panama is” – a theatrical performance which takes viewers on a journey inspiring them to discover their cities anew and seeing in them elements of the utopian idea of Panama. And though we know that traveling along the route Janosch has mapped out for us we will return to our own homes, it is still worth setting off upon this journey. Discovering what is new or rediscovering that which seems familiar and stereotypically marginalized. Time to spend a while engaging in urban survival, meeting other city residents, treating our imaginations as if it was a domestic pet we take out for walks from time to time – according to Robert Jarosz, the director who adapted the text for this show.

This play combines elements of puppetry and physical movement theater, and is suitable for audiences from the age of 3 upwards.

Princess Logorea & The Bear

Princess Logorea & The Bear is a story which transports us into a world of mystery, where careless use of magic powers can have serious consequences and will often play tricks on the central character. The show takes a lighthearted look at some very serious issues. Contemporary art languages are used to tell a story about people learning to experience unpleasant emotions, such as envy, sadness or fear. Princess Logorea & The Bear is a show with a happy ending, in which colorful costumes bring to the stage a fairytale aura, while subtle, rock music enhances the show.

For ages of 6 and upwards

Silly Billygoat

Guliwer Theater presents another staging based on classic Polish children’s literature – the show follows the first illustrated stories created by Kornel Makuszyński and Marian Walentynowicz. Koziołek travels the world, visiting exotic lands, experiencing exciting and educational adventures. He manages to survive all trials and tribulations along the way, finding Rather Close and all that which is best for him. The show combines live performance, toys and shadow theater.

For ages of 4 and upwards

Ugly Duckling

This fable by Hans Christian Andersen involves the search for beauty and a journey through a superficial world, until we reach the treasure hidden in us all. The Duckling’s journey leads through a lush natural landscape, filled with colorful, warm colors and changing seasons. It is filled with colorful animals, shown through puppeteering and live acting techniques. Puppet performance is enhanced through dynamic stage acting and music which echoes the colorful natural world. A great choice for your first visit to our theater.

For audiences of 3 years old and upwards.

Ferdinand the Bull

Ferdinand the Bull is a show based on a classic rhymed fable by the American author Munro Leaf. The book tells the story of a little bull who is peacefully attuned to the world, preferring to lead a peaceful life rather than fight in the corrida, a story which reminds us about the importance of peace in the world. The show is a feast for the senses, delighting with exceptional sets inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso, set to passionate Spanish musical accompaniments.

For ages of 5 and upwards

Journey Upon Fourteen Paws

This show is a comical road story about a search for a safe home which is free from prejudice, a place where honest, intergenerational friendship is possible. Hen, Vixen and her son Fluffy set off in search of a place where all of them can be happy. Their joint venture becomes a test of loyalty and trust, but this story shows that true friendship always wins. This play reminds us all that what matters most in life is to be yourself and always keep close to our friends – those who we shall march through life along with, in order to discover happy places in the world.

For ages of 5 and upwards

King Zofius and the Wondrous Hen

A very mean and selfish King rules in a far off kingdom – his egoism leads to him becoming totally isolated and lonesome. All the residents of his castle move out, then his room and all the things in it also vanish! Is it possible to be so self-absorbed to fail to notice when everything which is most important is lost? Maybe at times it is enough to not be so high-and-mighty, letting yourself have a little fun and not be so scared to be laughed at too. This show’s visuals make surrealist paintings styles come alive as we enter the mind of a mentally unbalanced King and seek answers to some very troubling questions.

For ages of 5 and upwards

Fable of the Raindrop and Rainbow

Our Fable of the raindrop and rainbow is a poetic narrative about growing up and responsibility, empathy and making sacrifices for the sake of others. The incredible adventures of a tiny raindrop which tries to save the world from drought combine to tell a story with a wonderful ending and moral: helping others makes perfect sense. This show combines live performance with computer generated animations.

For ages of 4 and upwards

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is a musical fable for all the family, being a story about the limitless love a couple of parents feel for their child and their attempts to protect it from making mistakes in adulthood. This song-filled and colorful performance is also a story about how much the world has changed over the century the princess has been asleep and how important it is for us to care about our planet. Diverse musical arrangements enhance the performance, with songs being sung in a range of musical styles, including rock, blues, reggae & hip-hop.

For ages of 5 and upwards

Moosey – don’t be afraid Moose

Moosey – don’t be afraid Moose is a true life story about a boy who has lost his favorite fluffy toy – named Moosey, which the boy he left behind on a park bench. The narrative of this contemporary fairytale takes us on a journey into the imagination of a child troubled by the loss of his favorite toy. All of Moosey’s independent adventures become a way for the boy to find his own identity, and reveal the fictional dangers found in every city.

For ages of 5 and upwards

Amelie, the Beaver and the King of the Roof

A play about children’s imaginations – this famous German dramaturge has used classic fairytale themes to once more, with a hint of irony, tell the story of a kidnapped princess. In this humorous, and very much poetic, take on associations we find universal truths about being good enough for good to triumph over evil. This dynamic and profound play is aimed at children, for who better than they will understand the phrase “to pour a dress over oneself”.

For ages of 5 and upwards

Fable of the Fisherman and the Magic Gold Fish

Fairytale Russia, as seen through religious icons and medieval paintings. Russia belonging to royalty and the birthplace of great poets, also being the source of beautiful folk tales – these images of Russia are today exotic and almost unknown. We wish to revisit them through Fable of the Fisherman and the Magic Gold Fish – a classic fable by Pushkin translated by Julian Tuwim. Directed by Jevgenij Ibragimov, this production makes reference to beauty and the originality of Russian music and painting by using all the magic we can call on in puppet theater. It also touches upon about the terrible consequences of limitless greed.

For ages of 5 and upwards

WOW Cinema

WOW Cinema is a collage crafted out of classic poems for children for audiences of 5 years of age and upwards!

The script revolves around a film set, including the stories of Mr Lens, a camera operator from a poem by Jan Brzechwa, as he prepares to shoot a movie. Other characters come from classic poems by the likes of J.Brzechwa, J. Tuwim, M.Konopnicka, H.Sienkiewicz, I.Krasicki

Audiences will get a glimpse behind the scenes of a film shoot and follow the adventures of all involved. The set is made up of the actor’s changing rooms, as they prepare to perform. We also see sets being put up and costumes put on.

The scenic reality ruins the illusion of the world we see on screen – a set which is in progress being revealed to us, including basic studios, cardboard walls, set pieces on wheels and painted designs.

Our animal characters have a shared aim – creating a film together. The poems penned by Polish authors allow a broad spectrum of emotions to be shown, along with comical situations involved in the process of creative work: each animal has its own way of experiencing life on set – stage fright, shyness, lack of self-confidence – these are only some of the emotions experienced during these performances. Taking part in these performances is an excuse for the characters to face their fears and unleash their own inner creative energies.

A strobe light effect is used in this production.

For ages of 5 and upwards

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is a colorful show intended for all those who like “horrible” stories which end well.

Jan Brzechwa’s story is used to create a humorous, cheery and music filled show for the whole family. Attractive decorations and costumes in the style of Rococo chamber opera give the show a hint of the magic of Baroque theater, stressing the distance in terms of fairytale fantasies.

For ages of 5 and upwards

Christmas Star

December is a special time for us all – when it is cold, shops filled with Christmas goodies and melodies, everyone’s thoughts constantly focused on Christmas Festivities. With unease or excitement we await the coming of Santa, wondering how best to live at this time.

How do you prepare for Christmas?

This year, you can do it with us in the theater!

12 of our actors will host a show sprinkled with laughter, music and dance, allowing us to see the world from a completely different perspective! Three stories interweave in our show – each one shows a different aspect of this remarkable time. The show takes audiences on a journey across this unique time of year which for some is a time of happy anticipation, while for others it is a chance to switch off and take a break from everyday life. Santa’s jolly team has fun packing gifts, while a solitary woman lives in an empty apartment, shepherds approaching a manger to greet the newborn Child. All of this overseen by the titular Christmas Star. Where will it lead us to and which windows will we look into along the way?

Come explore with us!

Show uses a text by J. Słowacki Góry się ozłociły – szafiry mórz ciemnieją…

For ages of 5 and upwards

How to stage a circus?

How to stage a circus? is a remarkably contemporary fable about a road leading towards happiness through making our passions work to make our dreams come true. This show tells the story of a meeting between a young circus performer and a master whose best days are already behind him. Will they find a common language and join forces to bring to life their beloved circus? This visual feast involving circus shows presented in the style of “black theater” becomes an intergenerational connection which shows how little the use of the human imagination in live performances and shows has changed. How do you put on circus shows with only your imagination at your disposal? Discover for yourselves!

For ages of 5 and upwards


The show centers around a series of stories by Toon Tellegen which create a multidimensional portrait of an ordinary father. Each scene is based on visual illusion tricks and magic created using theatrical devices. Tricks include – a father snapping in half, a father living in a matchbox, a father whispering answers in a school classroom, a father as large as a rock or a unique conversation with a father in the afterlife. Alongside magic, we also find familial love, warmth and nostalgia elevated to the ranks of high art. Marek Ciunel, the director and author of the play converted the stories by Toon Tellegen into a stage performance in a fashion which is closer to a revue show than classic theatrical narration. Papa is a bravura performance for real connoisseurs of theater.

For ages of 6 and upwards

Pink Guest

Pink Guest is a grotesque and humorous story about a mysterious visitor who unexpectedly brings chaos to an ordinary family. Appearing out of nowhere in their home, he doesn’t just meet with the kids’ enthusiastic response, but arouses suspicions in the parents. His disruptive presence causes family members to remember who they really are and how many truths about themselves they try to conceal by hiding in a world of stereotypes, prejudices and routines. Live music, dynamism and dramatic plot developments make this show a real treat as it talks about very real matters, with some alien ingredients taken from another world.

For ages of 5 and upwards

A Stranger in the Woods

A Stranger in the Woods is a story about the residents of a forest who are concerned by the appearance of a stranger in their midst. A series of unfortunate events arouses suspicions and mistrust of this mysterious, unwelcome guest. Who is this alien? And are they right to suppose he is the one responsible for all the problems besetting the forest residents? A Stranger in the Woods is a remarkably wise and enlightening story, not just for children, being a beautiful lesson about tolerance. This show is a blend of live action and puppets from the woods. The book this show is based on was awarded by the Polish IBBY Section in 2015.

For ages of 4 and upwards


Thumbelina is our staging of the classic fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen, being a jolly tale about the adventures of Thumbelina and her tiny problems – most of all, telling the story about discovering the world around us. It is also about how in life it is worth having our own opinions and fighting for things we believe in. Incredible Scenography creates a world on stage the way our tiny heroine sees it, along with a varied musical score.

For ages of 5 and upwards