The Unusual Worlds of Baron Münchhausen

There are clothes in the wardrobe, there are scarves and coats there, sometimes there are also various fears, but this time the amazing Baron Münchhausen comes out of the wardrobe! The surprise of Marusia, the main protagonist of the performance, is great. After all, she did not expect to find there a famous traveller who takes her on a series of fantastic journeys. The story of a deer with a cherry tree growing in its antlers is intertwined with the story of a ship swallowed by a fish the size of St. Mary’s Church. It turns out that if one does not lose hope and activate their imagination, the most incredible things are possible. In Mykola Mishyn’s play, Marusia’s colourful adventures become an allegory of adolescence. Traveling on duck wings, throwing axes at the moon and all the extraordinary events allow her to get to know herself better and go beyond her own limits.

“The Unusual Worlds of Baron Münchhausen” is a performance in Ukrainian for children from the age of 7. The form of the performance is a combination of a live set with a puppet theatre.

City Of Lights

City Of Lights presents the story of single day in a specific city. This city is the largest stage imaginable where, each day, thousands of performances are delivered. Each and every day conceals countless stories told by buildings, streets, sidewalks and parks, stories between people, animals and other sorts of beings.

Our miniature city, made of recycled materials, is the space for experiences and also witness to all sorts of everyday events. Thousands of stories, memories and dreams come alive on stage thanks to citizens of Warsaw engaged in the process of the show being created. The script was inspired by stories and tales told by the participants of creative workshops which led to the performance being staged.

What will happen in our city and what sort of day will it be?

This could be your story too!

City of Lights was created in partnership with Unia Teatr Niemożliwy. The script was inspired by the lives of the residents of the capital city of Warsaw.

The project was co-financed by the municipal government of Warsaw.

The first stage of the creative work on the show came about through open workshops for Warsaw residents – the ideas they provided allowed us to develop this performance. Thank you to everyone who took part!

Porce & Lain

Is it possible to tame a tyrannosaurus? Sure it is! Porce & Lain, the female heroines of this show based on Tyranozaur i Traktorzystki, a book by Tiny Oziewicz, know how – all they need to do is be very courageous and not be afraid of setting off into the unknown. 

Porce & Lain live at the bottom of a hand-painted dinner plate which is their home and safe harbor. Their lives changes the day the plate is smashed to smithereens, forcing our protagonists to journey in search of a new home. They discover the world is vast and very surprising, overcoming their own fears, their journey becoming a manifestation of mutual friendship. Their story is a tale in which delicacy, fragility and ephemerality meet human emotions. This is a fable about how the world can be put back together again even if it has been smashed into a million little broken pieces.

During this performance we will look in on a ceramics art workshop where, by following the craftswoman and her apprentice, we will discover the secrets of their masterful designs. Following the adventures of Porce & Lain we enter the world of ceramics and together experience that which is undiscovered.

Show based on a book by Tina Oziewicz titled Tyranozaur i Traktorzystki – Czerwony Konik Press.

For ages of 5 and upwards

How does a vacuum cleaner work?

Is a humorous story about how the first vacuum cleaner was created, told from the perspective of its inventor. Bothered by allergies, the inventor decides to take on the challenges of battling the dust in his home. The story is told using shadow theater techniques – this mini-show involves theatrical workshops, showing participants how shadow theater functions and allowing them to create it for themselves! Children will learn animation techniques with direct assistance from the actor.

For ages of 4 and upwards

Can you whistle, Joanna?

Can friendships be prearranged? What if this is tried between a boy and an elderly fellow so they become grandpa and grandson? Is this sort of arrangement the start of a real relationship? In this cosy show featuring two actors we will discover an adventure filled story about friendship far beyond the limits of age. In this exception tale moments of ordinary joy and humble madness cause the world our characters live in to take on rich colors, and when time comes to part, memories remain. Memories about how fun it was to fly kites, learn to whistle, climb trees and pick cherries together.

This show involves puppets with the use of a tintamarre doll. This is a theatrical adaptation of a book by Ulf Stark – one of the most renowned Swedish authors writing for children today.

For ages of 5 and upwards

Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are exceptional from the moment they first grow. As soon as this one sprouted up from the earth and began to respond to the sunbeams touching its needles, it began fantasizing about its destiny. Who shall I grow into? it asked the woodland animals. A house for birds? A ship’s mast? What will happen to me and what shall I experience? Once I am as tall as all the other fir and pine trees? Will I be happy? This story, written by Hans Christian Andersen, shows our tree finding its fulfillment through celebrating Christmas, meeting children and the mysterious Klumpe-Dumpe. A live staged performance using puppets, set to live music.

For audiences of 3 years old and upwards.

Bromba & Others

Bromba & Others is a very unique show, not only because it has been created around the fantastic stories penned by Maciej Wojtyszko involving creatures he gave very special names, but because it is an audio play. Using binaural techniques, we have constructed special ears which are so sensitive they can hear things which we normally cannot. Perhaps we will be able to hear worlds which exist but we have no idea about yet? Using binaural tech, we can get right into the heart of the action and enter Bromba’s world of adventures. Bromba & Others is a show suited to those with sight impairments, while those with no eyesight issues will get the chance to feel how those who are sight-impaired perceive the world.

For ages of 6 and upwards

Automatthew’s Friend

This performance is based on Automatthew’s Friend from a book titled Robot Fables by Stanislaw Lem – a fascinating, wise and funny story about friendship which becomes an interactive adventure which draws children into Lem’s world of the imagination, awakening our minds in humorous and metaphysical ways. The conversations we hear on stage are cause for merriment, while the original scenography introduces us to a world of technologies, where physical theater becomes a practical physics lesson. This story is above all a parable about how chances of one in a million sometimes work out, and belief in the impossible makes sense.

For ages of 6 and upwards

Legend of the Mermaid

In our Legend of the Mermaid we take audiences to a mythical land where, following the sirens’ songs, we discover places seemingly familiar to us anew, witnessing events which took place on the site where Warsaw stands today. We will move to the times when instead of the city we see here now there once were primeval forests filled with wild game, along with a small fishing settlement and a half-woman, half-fish creature straight out of Greek mythologies. Our play follows this Mermaid as we dip into a mysterious story set to siren songs which will charm audiences over the age of 3, along with their parents and guardians of course…

For audiences of 3 years old and upwards.