“Mammals, birds, dramatic affairs” – three unique theatrical workshops developed for children between ages of 3 & 6 years old and their families / guardians.

Each workshop, along with educational elements, provides participants with a space to co-create a theatrical story. During the workshops, we will move to the world of nature to study the behavior of wild animals with a theatrical flair and their many artistic talents. We will have fun and discover the world of wild nature with the use of the language of theater and the expression of the voice. Workshop topics are VOICE, BODY and RHYTHM.

“Mammals, birds, dramatic affairs” / VOICE

The theme of the first workshop entitled “Mammals, birds, dramatic affairs”, which will take place in October, is VOICE. The object of our research and inspiration for vocal exercises will be bird soloists, including Melodious Strzyżoń, Lirogon, Nightingale and Starling as well as Cicadas, which have the extraordinary ability to turn off their sense of hearing during musical activities. Together, we unravel the mystery of opera soloists living in the subtropical forests of the Malay Archipelago.

We encourage you to wear comfortable clothing. During the exercises, we will ask you to remove your shoes.

Workshops for children aged 3 to 6 and their parents and guardians.

Lead: actor and pedagogue Milena Kranik
Development: Milena Kranik, Robert Jarosz
Scenography: Mária Bačová
Duration: 35 – 45 minutes