There was once a merchant, he had a wife, and they also had a daughter named Vasylyna. Her mother died suddenly, and her stepmother came to the house with her bad lazy daughters. Fortunately, dying, her mother left a doll for Vasylyna, which can not be shown to anyone. The doll is a symbolic mother’s blessing. When Vasylyna took her in her arms, her mother came to her aid immediately: through prayer, through the heavenly patrons of angels. So, thanks to deep faith, the girl overcame all the troubles that Stepmother and Baba Yaga brought her.

The performance is filled with everyday objects, they are really mystical and imbued with the spirit of Eternity. The dolls-characters are made in the Ukrainian style “Motanka”, as well as according to the ancient Hutsul methods. Charms are made of fragrant hay, reeds, wildflowers.

Duration: 45 minutes
Performance in Ukrainian 


Briefly about the theater:

On April 1, 1980, the Ternopil Regional Puppet Theater was founded.

On May 19, 2006, by order of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine, the theater acquired the status of “Academic” for a significant contribution to the development of theatrical art, revival of national traditions, high artistic skill.