Star Children

Author: Kolektyw Rój

Stage Liliput Stage 60 min. Premiere: 20.05.2023 From age of 5

Star Children



Do you like to touch things that are soft or spongy? Perhaps you prefer what is rough, slippery or full of protrusions? What shapes do you like best? Do you prefer tiny or huge things? What are your favourite colours? Do you like it to be bright or do you like the light to resemble a sunset? Or do you enjoy star gazing the most?
We invite you to an exhibition in action, a space where you can discover the power of your senses.

The exhibition is a place where you can touch and look at different textiles and objects, and discover different soundtracks. You will also be accompanied by actress Honorata Zajączkowska and actor Maciej Owczarzak. Participants can explore whatever they want within our proposed rules of play. If they need peace and quiet, they can experience it in a dedicated area.

When we (Jaśmina, Alka, Antonina, Basia, Jakub) were creating this exhibition, we imagined that we were Star Children, creatures extremely sensitive and attentive to the needs of otherness. Star Children are very curious, they love to touch what surrounds us and wonder what kind of states it evokes in them (pleasant or perhaps the opposite). While playing around, we noticed that sometimes they were similar and sometimes completely different. If Star Children really visited Earth, could they teach Earthlings more empathy and sensitivity?
Could this work?

The exhibition was created through a process of workshop activities with a group of neurodiverse children and consultations with children and adults on the autism spectrum.
The exhibition in action is implemented within the RówniRóżni.doc project, financed from PFRON funds.


Concept and realisation: “Rój” collective, composed of: Jaśmina Wójcik, Alicja Nauman, Jakub Wróblewski
Music: Antonina Nowacka
Audio recording: Krzysztof Sokół

Educational musical activities: Dawid Wicha
3D printing: Tomasz Piotrowski
Production assistant: Katarzyna Brzozowska
Visual-sensory activities: Barbara Winkler

ASD consultations: children from year 3 of Chocimska Therapeutic School (Grażyny 11), Marianna Grabowska, Zoja Wróblewska Performers: Honorata Zajączkowska, Maciej Owczarzak

Stage Manager: Jacek Poniński
Participation Curator: Elżbieta Pejko
Project Curators: Robert Drobniuch, Anna Kierkosz
Co-Curators: Julianna Chrzanowska, Agnieszka Evans