How War Changed Rondo. Forget-me-not

How War Changed Rondo. Forget-me-not


Rose comes to the Town of Flowers and wants to be accepted by other plants. She meets Hollyhock and Blue-sow-thistle, who become her guides and tell her the town’s story. Rondo used to be an ideal place – flowers played concerts in the orangery and lived in perfect harmony with people –  until the war came and took the sun away. When darkness falls, the inhabitants, including the main characters: Danko, Fabian and Star, try to restore the city to what it was before the war. The attempt to recollect the town and their own experiences of particular places help them build a machine thanks to which they can regain Rondo.

The play is inspired by the book How War Changed Rondo, in which artists opposed the Russian aggression in Crimea. This work by Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv, artists from Ukraine, received many awards, for example, at the prestigious  Bologna Ragazzi Award 2015 competition.

The play will be staged for the first time as part of the 12th Little Warsaw Autumn Festival of Contemporary Music for Children and the 65th Warsaw Autumn Festival of Contemporary music.

Partner: Society of Authors ZAiKS The event is co-financed by the Cultural Institutions Fund of the capital city of Warsaw and the Culture Promotion Fund of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

The project is carried out as part of the artist residencies programme for Belarusian and Ukrainian artists, organised by the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute.