How does a vacuum cleaner work?

Author: Tomasz Kowol/Robert Jarosz

Stage Liliput Stage 90 min. Premiere: 14.10.2014 From age of 4

How does a vacuum cleaner work?


Is a humorous story about how the first vacuum cleaner was created, told from the perspective of its inventor. Bothered by allergies, the inventor decides to take on the challenges of battling the dust in his home. The story is told using shadow theater techniques – this mini-show involves theatrical workshops, showing participants how shadow theater functions and allowing them to create it for themselves! Children will learn animation techniques with direct assistance from the actor.

For ages of 4 and upwards

Opieka artystyczna: Robert Jarosz
Oprawa plastyczna: Tomasz Kowol
Oprawa muzyczna: Patryk Lichota
Współpraca graficzna: Karolina Witowska

Występuje: Tomasz Kowol