Fable of the Raindrop and Rainbow

Author: Marta Guśniowska

Stage Main Stage 60 min. + intermission Premiere: 12.11.2011 From age of 4

Fable of the Raindrop and Rainbow


Our Fable of the raindrop and rainbow is a poetic narrative about growing up and responsibility, empathy and making sacrifices for the sake of others. The incredible adventures of a tiny raindrop which tries to save the world from drought combine to tell a story with a wonderful ending and moral: helping others makes perfect sense. This show combines live performance with computer generated animations.

For ages of 4 and upwards

Reżyseria: Jacek Malinowski
Scenografia: Giedre Brazyte
Muzyka: Antanas Jasenka
Animacje komputerowe: Džiugas Katinas

Występują: Izabella Kurażyńska, Georgi Angiełow, Damian Kamiński, Tomasz Kowol, Adam Wnuczko

Inspicjentka: Małgorzata Grabara