Christmas Star

Author: Robert Jarosz

Stage Main Stage 75 min. + intermission Premiere: 02.12.2017 From age of 5

Christmas Star


December is a special time for us all – when it is cold, shops filled with Christmas goodies and melodies, everyone’s thoughts constantly focused on Christmas Festivities. With unease or excitement we await the coming of Santa, wondering how best to live at this time.

How do you prepare for Christmas?

This year, you can do it with us in the theater!

12 of our actors will host a show sprinkled with laughter, music and dance, allowing us to see the world from a completely different perspective! Three stories interweave in our show – each one shows a different aspect of this remarkable time. The show takes audiences on a journey across this unique time of year which for some is a time of happy anticipation, while for others it is a chance to switch off and take a break from everyday life. Santa’s jolly team has fun packing gifts, while a solitary woman lives in an empty apartment, shepherds approaching a manger to greet the newborn Child. All of this overseen by the titular Christmas Star. Where will it lead us to and which windows will we look into along the way?

Come explore with us!

Show uses a text by J. Słowacki Góry się ozłociły – szafiry mórz ciemnieją…

For ages of 5 and upwards

Scenariusz i reżyseria: Robert Jarosz
Scenografia: Pavel Hubička
Muzyka: Adam Świtała
Choreografia: Weronika Pelczyńska
Reżyseria światła: Damian Pawella
Przygotowanie wokalne: Justyna Jary
Pedagog teatru: Justyna Czarnota

Obsada: Katarzyna Brzozowska, Izabella Kurażyńska, Elżbieta Pejko, Anna Przygoda, Honorata Zajączkowska, Damian Kamiński, Izabela Zachowicz, Tomasz Kowol, Maciej Owczarzak, Jacek Poniński, Krzysztof Prygiel, Adam Wnuczko

Inspicjent: Zuzanna Rucińska