Amelie, the Beaver and the King of the Roof

Author: Tankred Dorst

Stage Main Stage 100 min. + intermission Premiere: 11.06.2005 From age of 5

Amelie, the Beaver and the King of the Roof


A play about children’s imaginations – this famous German dramaturge has used classic fairytale themes to once more, with a hint of irony, tell the story of a kidnapped princess. In this humorous, and very much poetic, take on associations we find universal truths about being good enough for good to triumph over evil. This dynamic and profound play is aimed at children, for who better than they will understand the phrase “to pour a dress over oneself”.

For ages of 5 and upwards

Przekład: Jacek Stanisław Buras
Reżyseria: Piotr Cieplak
Scenografia: Andrzej Witkowski
Muzyka: Michał Litwiniec

Obsada: Katarzyna Brzozowska, Izabella Kurażyńska, Ewa Holoubek-Laskowska, Elżbieta Pejko, Honorata Zajączkowska, Georgi Angiełow, Paweł Jaroszewicz, Krzysztof Prygiel, Adam Wnuczko