RHYTHM / “Mammals, birds, dramatic affairs”

RHYTHM / “Mammals, birds, dramatic affairs”


Rhythm is all around us, with us each day, in school, at home, in the theater. Our hearts beat rhythmically, we walk, run, dance to rhythms. Rhythms also occur in the natural world and animal kingdom. What sorts of creative activities can result from our encounters with chameleons or fiddler crabs? Can a spider dance with the same sense of rhythm as us?

RHYTHM is the first of a series called “Mammals, birds, dramatic affairs” – interactive online workshops with elements of puppet theater. Our workshops transport participants using ZOOM into our natural world in order to study the ways wild animals behave. Participation in humorous, animal-inspired workshops is a chance to meet the Artists from Theater Guliwer and Artists from our natural environment. What might come of such encounters – join us and find out for yourselves!

Workshops come with a manual / workbook (in electronic format) with helpful hints covering creative activities which can help us explore workshop themes and our creative explorations of our natural world!


Taking part

Our workshops take place using the ZOOM online platform. All those who buy a ticket will receive a link to give them access to the events no later than one hour before the start of each workshop, as well as instructions relating to workshop participation and a copy of one of our creative workbooks. *

Who are they for?

Everyone from the age of 4 upwards.

Duration – 35 minutes

Number of participants – 20

Family ticket price – 20 zł


Series concept and development: Robert Jarosz

Direction and development/RHYTHM section: Milena Kranik

Scenography: Mária Bačová

Delivery: Tomasz Kowol & Adam Wnuczko / Honorata Zajączkowska & Damian Kamiński


*Because we are using the ZOOM platform, all audiences will be visible to actors and to each other!